Run The World... it sounds like a James Bond movie plot, but it's really quite delightful and no evil villains involved!

The Run The World (RTW) platform is one of several that we use depending on the type of virtual event we're offering. If you've been asked to register for a free ticket or purchase one for a virtual online event on that system, here are the four key steps to follow.

1. Register for your main RTW account.

When you click on "Register" for a published event, the first step is to enter your preferred contact email and set up your core RTW account. Here, we're using a sample event we set up for some of our facilitator team as an example:

As noted, you can either continue with an email-based login or use your Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook account as the basis of your access. In the example below, we have selected to use an email address and you're next asked to set up a password and agree to the standard terms and conditions (your choice to opt in/out from the communications and marketing stuff):

2. Register for the specific event

Now that we've got your main RTW account established, you can complete the registration for the specific event -- in this case, the facilitator orientation sample event (yes, that's a photo of one of our team members when he was ten and everything was in "launch me into the world" mode):

Click on that "Register" button at the bottom right, and you'll get this next screen:

Congratulations! You're all registered for this sample event. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The RTW system likes Google Chrome best (if you've got it, we suggest you use it!), but as participants you should be able to use other browsers if that's your preference. 

3. Update your personal profile!

RTW maintains some of your event participation history for the next time you log in. Whatever connections you've made during an event will stay connected in your profile under your "Following and followers" section, so we hope you'll make some valuable connections to other participants as you go!

On your event screen, you'll see your profile icon in the upper right and can click on "My profile" to update it:

When updating your profile, we encourage you to fill out your full name (your email is not shown or available to others), your "headline" (Amazing Community Member!) and your short bio as you choose. 
Our example of Tester Guy is a bit lame, but you get the picture:

Interested in using the RTW system for your own event? Well, as part of registering an account you get access to your own Organizer Center that you can use to set up your own free events (with limitations, as is normally the case). If you'd been invited as a speaker to an RTW event under your chosen email address, you'd also see those links in your main profile page.

4. Enter the event on the scheduled date/time

When you've set up everything above, you'll also get an email to your listed contact address with a calendar invite and reminder about entering the event (and a reminder email 24 hours before the event itself):

Don't worry about the listed time zone... that's because RTW doesn't fully know you yet! If you click to add the invite to your calendar, it will recognize the time zone settings of your calendar and convert it to whatever time zone you happen to be in! (we're in Calgary, but some of our virtual events have had participants from as far away as India).

On the big event day, just use that invite or email to click on "Enter Event" and sign in to join us!

By now, you'll have your RTW account set up, including password, so you'll be asked to sign in using your prior account information (yes, the eagle-eyed out there will note that we used a different address from the previous one for demonstration purposes):

Don't remember your password? Well, RTW makes that easy too... you can select the option to use a Verification Code and it will send one to your registered account email like this:

When you enter the event, make sure to say hi to everyone using the chat, and start making connections with other participants. We're all pretty friendly, and you'll hopefully find some people that you want to stay in touch with following the event.

Any issues? 

Use the + New support ticket option to create an online ticket, or contact us via our main phone line at 587.997.4873, extension/option 4 to get support!