We like a little bit of mystery in our lives, but...

When we set an event, TEDxCalgary typically releases details on speaker names over a period of several weeks, usually starting about 6-8 weeks in advance of the actual event date. This is both because we like to build up interest in a planned event over time, and also as a practical measure due to changes that may occur in a given event's speaker line-up.

All TEDxCalgary events are offered "as is", since we can't guarantee that a particular speaker will be able to attend due to unforeseen emergencies or conflicts. Unfortunately, we also can't guarantee that a speaker will appear in a given time slot during our event day, as the speaker's own schedule and our event flow may require last-minute changes.

Be assured that any TEDxCalgary event is an amazing experience that combines live speakers, carefully curated pre-recorded TEDTalks, and interactions between participants and speakers during breaks. After all, a little bit of mystery makes life just that much more interesting, even fun!